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Scientific and legal journal of the Institute of Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 2 (60) 2020.

Founder and publisher:
RSE on the REM "Institute of Legislation and Legal information of the Republic of Kazakhstan"
Published since 2006
All journal materials are placed on the website
Included in the list of publications of basic scientific results of dissertations on legal sciences (Order ССES MES RK №894 from 05.30.2013)
Editorial Council members
Sarpekov R.K. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) – (Chairman)
Abaydeldinov Е.М. - d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Abyzov R.М. – d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)
Belih V.S. – d.j.s. (Ekaterinburg, Russian)
Gubin Е.P. – d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)
Melnik R.S. – d.j.s. (Kiev, Ukraine)
Moiseev A.A. – d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)
Muromcev G.I. – d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)
Rahmetov S.M. – d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakh- stan)
Malinovski V.A. – d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Unzila Shapak – d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Сhief Editor
Dyussenov Ye.A. – c.j.s.
Editorial Board members
Azer Aliyev – PhD (Kiel, Germany)
Aiymbetov М.А. – Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan, (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Bainiyazova Z.S. – c.j.s. (Saratov, Russian)
Kazbayeva A.G – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Kaziyev Z.G. – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Kairbaeva L.K. – PhD (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Kiyazova A.Zh. – (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Konusova V.Т. – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Kulzhabayeva Zh.O. – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Nurgazinov B.K. – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Nurmagambetov R.G. – PhD (Chelyabinsk, Russian)
Primashev N.M. – c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakh- stan)
Rakhimberdin K.H. – d.j.s. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan)
Tegizbekova Zh.Ch. – c.j.s. (Bishkek, Kyr- gyzstan)
The editorial staff
Dzhamburshin K.A.
Koltubayeva G.B.
Yerdesheva D.T.
Zhumageldina B.Zh.
Bailenova A.K.
tel .: 8 (7172) 26-61-29
The certificate of registration of mass media №17761-G from 25.06.2019 from the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Number and date of primary registration № 6592- Zh.07.09.2005.)
The Republic of Kazakhstan,
010000, Nur-Sultan, D. Konaev str., 12/1
BC "On the water-green boulevard"
tel .: 8 (7172) 57-03-42

Constitutional and Administrative Law
B.K. NURGAZINOV, L.T. ZHANUZAKOVA The role of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan in ensuring the stability and development of Kazakhstan’s society
L.T. ZHANUZAKOVA About correlation of functions, competence and powers of state bodies
V.I. MAYOROV (Tumen, RF), P.V. VOLOSHIN Role of social advertising in improving road safety
N. SAULEN Peculiarities of principles of administrative procedures and administrative legal proceedings
Civil and Civil Procedure Law
R.K. SARPEKOV, A. ARYSTAN Prospects for the implementation of the institute of contingent labor in the Republic of Kazakhstan
А.Zh. KIYAZOVA Self-regulation institute as a type of regulation of entrepreneurial activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan
C.A. ALIKHANOVА, E.V. NESTEROVA Some problems of appearance and termination of the right to housing provided to the tenant and members of his family from the state housing fund
K.M. ILYASOVA Some issues of determining the law applicable to the merits of the dispute in arbitration under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan
G.E. ABDRASSULOVA Specifics of crowdfunding and prospects for its legal regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan
M.F. ADAM, S.A. SARINA The content and essence of tax procedures in the field of administrative justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Criminal law and Criminal procedure
A.N. AKHPANOV, S.A. ADILOV, A.L. KHAN Problems of interpretation of norms of evidence law in the Kazakhstan criminal procedure
G.A. KUANALIYEVA, N. SAULEN, G.N. RAKHIMOVA Sоmе рrоblеms оf lеgіslаtіvе rеgulаtіоn оf рrіnсірlеs оf сrіmіnаl lаw
K.YE. ISMAGULOV, A.K. KURMANOVA, D.S. KAZHMURATOVA Some issues of determining the subject of environmental offenses
V.N. PLETENETS (Dnepr, Ukraine) Ensuring the security of computer information as a remedy of prediction of actions against investigation
International law and Comparative law
V.KH. SEITIMOVA Principles and standards of international judicial proceedings as regards to international civil service: comparative legal analysis
ZH.U. TLEMBAYEVA On the harmonization of national legislation on trade unions with the rules of ILO convention No. 87 on membership of trade union in associations
YE.A. BURIBAYEV, ZH.A. KHAMZINA, B.KH. KOSHPENBETOV Standards for the prohibition of discrimination in employment: prospects for implementation in Kazakhstan
U.YE. KUDIYAROVA Comparative analysis of the operating rule of the Republic of Kazakhstan on will with the norms of will in foreign states
B.A. TAITORINA, L.B. BOGATYREVA, G.T. BAISALOVA Modern models of health care organization: problems of legal regulation
Legal monitoring
A.G. KAZBAYEVA, N.N. OMAROVA Results of legal monitoring of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On safety of chemical products"
M.I. DYACHUK, A.U. KALIYEVA On the issue of departmental subordination and jurisdiction of labor disputes in the Republic of Kazakhstan
А.YE. BEKTENOV Guaranteeing the insurance payments in the Republic of Kazakhstan as a tool for ensuring the stability of the insurance market
From the lawmaking practice in the official language
N.M. PRIMASHEV Some directions of improvement of the organizational and legal basis of scientific linguistic examination
N.A. NURBAYEVA Legal technique – a tool for high-quality preparation of draft laws
Young researcher’s tribune
T.V. KLIMOVA Principles of openness and transparency in the activities of public interest organizations in Kazakhstan
ZH.K. ZHETIBAYEV Efficiency of use of information and communication technologies in concluding transactions
D.A. GONCHAROVA (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) Mechanism of realisation of the information function of law
M.K. ZHURUNOVA Analysis of free carrying out labor activities in the EAEU
YE.A. ASSABAYEV Improving the mechanism for compensating operating costs of stateprivate partnership projects
M.K. YERZHANOVA Principle of transparency in banking contracts
The Chronicle of Scientific Life
Memorandums and agreements of the Institute of legislation and legal information of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Information note about the international scientific and practical conference on "The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 1995 and its importance in the development of the state and society" (Shaikenov readings), Aktobe, on February 27-28, 2020
The archive pages of the"Bulletin"
A.G. KAZBAYEVA Theoretical aspects of codification of town-planning legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan (the article in “Bulletin” of IL of RK, No.4(24)-2011. - P. 33-36)
A.K. ZHAKSYLYKOVA Returning back to scientific publication of the c.l.s. A.G. Kazbayeva "Theoretical aspects of codification of town-planning legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan"
Review on the scientific and practical manual of Gorokhova D.B., Kashirkina A.A., Morozova A.N. etc.; editor-in-chief. A.V. Pavlushkin “The mechanism of legal monitoring” - M.: Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, 2012. - 160 p.
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