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Scientific and legal journal of the Institute of Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 3 (61) 2020.

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RSE on the REM "Institute of Legislation and Legal information of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Published since 2006

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Included in the list of publications of basic scientific results of dissertations on legal sciences (Order ССES MES RK №894 from 05.30.2013)

Editorial Council members

Sarpekov R.K. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) - (Chairman)

Abaydeldinov Е.М. - d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Abyzov R.М. - d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)

Belih V.S. - d.j.s. (Ekaterinburg, Russian)

Gubin Е.P. - d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)

Melnik R.S. - d.j.s. (Kiev, Ukraine)

Moiseev A.A. - d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)

Muromcev G.I. - d.j.s. (Moscow, Russian)

Rahmetov S.M. - d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Malinovski V.A. - d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Unzila Shapak - d.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Сhief Editor

Dyussenov Ye.A. - c.j.s.

Editorial Board members

Azer Aliyev - PhD (Kiel, Germany)

Aiymbetov М.А. - Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan, (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Bainiyazova Z.S. - c.j.s. (Saratov, Russian)

Kazbayeva A.G - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Kaziyev Z.G. - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Kairbaeva L.K. - PhD (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Kiyazova A.Zh. - (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Konusova V.Т. - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Kulzhabayeva Zh.O. - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Nurgazinov B.K. - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Nurmagambetov R.G. - PhD (Chelyabinsk, Russian)

Primashev N.M. - c.j.s. (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Rakhimberdin K.H. - d.j.s. (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan)

Tegizbekova Zh.Ch. - c.j.s. (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

The editorial staff

Dzhamburshin K.A.

Koltubayeva G.B.

Yerdesheva D.T.

Zhumageldina B.Zh.

Bailenova A.K.

tel .: 8 (7172) 26-61-29

The certificate of registration of mass media № 17761-G from 25.06.2019 from the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Number and date of primary registration № 6592- Zh.07.09.2005.)


The Republic of Kazakhstan,

010000, Nur-Sultan, D. Konaev str., 12/1

BC "On the water-green boulevard"

tel .: 8 (7172) 57-03-42



Constitutional and Administrative Law

R.K. SARPEKOV Digitalization of the legal space
B.K. NURGAZINOV, M.S. AKISHEV, A.V. BORETSKY On the issue of understanding the categories of "personal liberty" and "personal freedom" in constitutional law
S.К. IDRYSHEVA State of constitutional legality in the sphere of state language application in the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
G.A. ALIBAEVA, G.A. ABENOVA, М.К. MUSABAEV Administrative legal protection of the minors: experience of foreign states and necessity of its application in Kazakhstan
T.S. NURYSHEVA Issues of practical application of the presumption of innocence as a constitutional principle of justice

Civil and Civil Procedure Law

Ye.A. DYUSSENOV Actual issues of legislation’s ecologization
G.B. KYSSYKOVA, А.К. ZHAXYLYKOVA On the issue of improving the mechanisms for equity participation in housing construction
Y.U. IKHSANOV The limits of civil law regulation of the subsoil use relations
M.Kh. KHASSENOV On the necessity for legislative determination of the legal regime of the property complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan
А.К. RAKHMETOLLOV, A.S. KIZDARBEKOVA, S.D. BEKISHEVA On the issues of the corruption perception index and anti-corruption expertise of legal acts in ensuring the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights
S.K. AMANDYKOVA, А.М. YESSENTEMIROVA, А.А. KUSSAINOV The issues of legal regulation of endowment funds

Criminal law and Criminal procedure

R.K. SARPEKOV, D.A. FINK System of public protection measures and safety measures applied to female victims and witnesses in pre-trial proceedings of criminal proceedings
L.E. NURLUMBAEVA, L.V. BRUSNITSYN, A.N. AKHPANOV Institute of criminal writ proceedings: problems of differentiation of a procedural form
S.S. KARZHAUBAYEV Reasons and terms for committing tax criminal offenses
А.Т. KARIPOVA, Y.A. OMAROV, T.G. MAKHANOV Current issues of regulation of the recovery of procedural costs of criminal proceedings in the Republic of Kazakhstan

International law and Comparative law

М.А. SARSEMBAYEV, D.M. SARSEMBAYEV International and national currency law, motor vehicles and roads
Zh.O. KULZHABAEVA, J.S. KOSTYANAYA On the concept of information
А.Y. ZHATKANBAEVA, А.K. JANGABULOVA, К.N. AYDARKHANOVA Priorities for ensuring the environmental safety of water bodies in transboundary basins and the basics of interstate use of transboundary rivers
A.Zh. SYZDYKOV, B.Zh. SAGYMBEKOV Comparative legal analysis of administrative legal measures for prevention of domestic violence (experience of Kazakhstan and Russia)

Legal monitoring

А.К. KANATOV, O.S. KARAKHOZHAYEV, D. DOSMYRZA Problematic aspects of the efficiency (inefficiency) of judicial proceedings with the participation of jurors (analysis of legislation)
А.В. KAIZHAKPAROVA Legislation and development of legislation in the sphere of specially protected natural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan

From the lawmaking practice in the official language

М.А. AIYMBETOV The issues of systematization of legislative terms
D.М. SHYNGYSBAYEVA Legal phrasemes used in the law and the role of translation in it

Young researcher’s tribune

Zh.K. ZHETIBAYEV Legal status of electronic transactions according to the experience of German state
А.М. AITUAROVA Legal regulation of e-government in foreign countries
Y.S. KOSTYANAYA Information as the object of international legal protection
Zh.A. KURANBEK On the legal and technical issues of application of electronic (digital) signatures in the Republic of Kazakhstan
R.E. MAMMADOV Criminological features of a migrant criminal’s personality and its psyhological characteristics
O.R. KLIMOVA Application and compliance with deadlines when considering complaints by the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the actions (inaction) of private bailiffs

The archive pages of the"Bulletin"

N.A.KHAMZINA "The level of formation of the sate language in lawmaking" (article in the Bulletin of the IL RK No. 4 (20) -2010 - P. 143-146)
K.Zh. TURSYN On the paper of the senior expert linguist of the Institute of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Khamzina "The level of formation of the sate language in lawmaking"


60 years to the Chief researcher of the Institute of legislation and legal information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Laws, Professor A.N. Akhpanov


Review of the “Constitutional Law of Russia” textbook / Strekozov V.G. 7th ed., revised and ext. - M.: Yurait, 2019. -256 p.

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