On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family

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The Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 26 December, 2011 No. 518-IV.

Act approved on 12/26/2011
Act change date 07/14/2022
Date of official publication in ILS "Adilet"
Information on official publication of the act газета "Казахстанская правда"
Act form Code
Legal relations area Marriage and family. Acts of civil status., Regulations: preparation, adoption, change, publication, interpretation, state account
Legal validity Кодекс
Agency of act regulation The Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan (previous name: the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RoK; the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Kazakh SSR; Supreme Soviet РК; Supreme Soviet of Kazakh SSR)
Area of activity Республика Казахстан
Act registration number in the State Register of Regulatory Legal Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan 62568
RLA registration number assigned by rule-making body 518-IV
Number of RLA state registration at justice agencies НЕТ
RLA developer НЕТ
Registered in the MoJ on
Database section Законодательство о браке и семье
Authority of departmental act registration ABSENT
Location of act approval город Астана

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